Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

Engage with your customers through mobile apps and discover limitless possibilities. Build your brand and stay on top of your game.

Smartphone app is the ultimate solution to pitch your digital autograph and establish your brand. With the enormous growth of smartphone and other gadget user; app is the means to reach the larger audience with utmost convenience.

Internet use is now more with mobile than computer.

App - Features

Push Notification

Push notification has 94% read rate compare to 4% e-mail read rate. Most of e-mail advert ended up in junk box. Send your message with easiest convenience tie in your customer with PUSH messages with your specials and events

GPS Location

Make your business
easy to reach with
location service for
nearest, direction and onetouch contact
facilities. You can have unlimited business
locations in your

Customer Interaction

Get your customers coming
back again and again with
App Check in, design your
own incentive programs,
Get discovered by new customers. Use
QR codes GPS coupon
for customer

Social Media Integration

Promote your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube content through your own app reward customer for check in with their friends and families. Words of mouth is always has been attract new customer. More likes for your page and your post.

In App Purchase

Generate revenue by providing premium service in your app, add your unlimited product listing and let your customer shop with their gadget on the move.

Integrate With Built In App

Your app can be integrated with built in app in the already exist in the phone. Use calendar, reminder, camera, notes allow full media integration.

Booking and reservation

Open your shop in customer palm to browse your product listing and service you are offering. Create guaranteed sales allowing customer to book product and services

QR Code

Use the free QR code
specific to your business
in your marketing
materials to direct customers to your
iMobile App.

Mobile SEO

Mobile websites do make a BIG difference with Google and other search engines and will improve your overall site ranking very quickly. Our mobile apps are optimized for mobile SEO.

Mobile Advertisements

Make money and share other products on your mobile app by adding mobile advertisement to your web app and mobile website with our Mobile Advertising Manager.